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Dear  Shareholders & Customers!

NeoVision had been in Vietnam since 2002, is a brand represent security measures to protect human health.

• Vision: NeoVision grown to become the leading brand in Vietnam and Asia.

• Mission: NeoVision represent the brand protection solutions safe for human health before the effects of environmental air, sunshine, wind, and work environment pollution.

• Slogan: Yours Health Means EVERYTHING.
***** NeoVision honored Brands in the top industry in Vietnam.

NeoVision is the product of two main groups: NeoVision Anti-Pollution Masks / Personal Safety Products & Protective Products  AND NeoVision Anti-UV & Fashion
1. Groups respiratory protection products and safety products:

- Activated carbon mask to protect the road riders, industrial environment, health care...
- Insurance cap, safety belt, construction service, construction and installation services....
- Shoes, glasses, welding mask, gloves, stuffed ears against noise ...

This product group has customers in foreign countries & well received during the years, the market share distribution in the Industrial segment of foreign enterprises in Vietnam's NeoVision always occupied a high position.

NeoMask products are exported to many countries around the world as America, Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, .. Essentially NeoVision products are trusted Certificate of Vietnam & Abroad certification.
2. Group Sun protective Products:

- Hat-Koolcap fashion.
- Mask-Koolmask fashion.
- Shirts, pants, gloves, ...
(See more in

This product group recently returned to Vietnam market in 2010, the reason for return is due to the confidence of consumers in Vietnam Nam.  This product is on display for sale at the Select mart - B3 Vincom Center, MiniMart Shop & Go system & distribution channels, traditional retailers in Vietnam. This product has been certified on the Certificate of sunscreen just in the U.S., Japan & Vietnam and over 90% are even close to 100% resistant to sun & UV protection for maximum skin prior use of the harmful effects of sunlight caused aging skin, psoriasis, skin cancer, skin pigmentation, ... In 09/2010 shirts sunscreen products for sports people will be up in Thailand Television. Planning will be exported to Japan in 2011 & Fair exhibition in Japan in late 2011.

In 2008/2009, along with other businesses facing the common difficulties of the economy and markets. That financial crisis has spread to the U.S. around the world, the domestic economy faces inflation then deflation, prices of some essential goods increased sharply. Although faced with many challenges, however Leaders of NeoVision Corp. have attempted to explore, learn & create more new products are innovative, application breakthrough theory thinking out production plans, feasibility & business practices in the management Executive has contributed to maintaining business operations, preserve the capital of the company, as prerequisite for the development in the coming years.

On behalf of the Executive Management Team and all staff members NeoVision, I would like to thank Government leadership, cities and districts departments have made very practical rules about workplace safety, help for workers is more sense in protecting themselves.

Also we need to say thanks to the newspaper and TV news agencies and central provinces have reported enthusiastic support of all activities of NeoVision in recent times, and we hope to continue to receive supporting more in the future to the NeoVision Joint Stock Company, bring more chance for NeoVision to contribute to building our increasingly rich and beautiful country.


Ngo Dieu Thuy / Chairwoman

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